Hostas: How to Divide and Conquer

Hostas are the perfect plant to grow in any garden. Why are they so great? There are so many reasons:

  • Hostas are perennials (they come back every year)
  • Hostas are low maintenance
  • Hostas grow well in shade (in fact, they prefer it that way!)
  • Hostas are very sturdy
  • Hostas can be divided and planted in even more places (meaning you get more plants for free!)

My husband, Scott, is the landscaper in our family. He is in charge of splitting and replanting our hostas. He has been growing these plants for about 12 years. The thing he loves most about them is that you continue to get more and more each year, just by splitting them. Scott divides the hostas in early spring, just as they start poking out of the ground. You can get away with splitting them at any time but he suggests doing it before the leaves start to fold out. This way it is easier on the plant and it will look better when it does grow out. He decides to split a plant when it has outgrown its area.

Disclaimer: Please consult a greenhouse or garden store for expert advice. The advice found in this blog comes from a hobbyist. These are the steps that Scott follows when splitting a hosta plant:


Want to learn more about hostas? Check out these websites for more information:

There are also books you can check out from the library. Discover the titles by visiting


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