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Let’s Get Ready to Roleplay!!!

So, what is roleplaying all about? We have all found ourselves in some sort of roleplay scenario at some point in our lives, whether it’s acting out a customer interaction at work with your coworkers, pretending to be in a certain role while playing house as a kid, or while playing roleplaying games of the […]

The Dog Days of Summer

My mother always told me the older you get the faster summer goes. I hate to admit it but she was right! It seems like as soon as we finish up celebrating the 4th of July, the summer flies by, and in a blink of an eye, we are planning for the kids to return […]

Get Outside and Don’t Miss the Fireflies

I know it’s summer because I keep finding myself outside beneath the nighttime sky, walking alongside my wife, trying to stumble along with her elegant strides. And I see the fireflies. The sky grows dim and there they are, flittering along the edges of everything. We love fireflies. Of course we do. My kids will […]

Banner reads Graphic Novels in Libraries Month

Graphic Novels in Libraries Month

This July marks Booklist’s third annual “Graphic Novels in Libraries Month,” and we want you to join us in celebrating! Whether it is your very first time reading a graphic novel, or you know more about the genre than library staff, here are a few new staff picks from our collection of graphic novels you […]

Getting the Most Out of Your Summer

A fun fact about the month of June: it has the longest days out of any month of the year. We can consider ourselves lucky to have more daylight when enjoying June’s warm weather, weddings, and festivals. While the month may be coming to an end, it’s also technically the official start (June 20th) of […]

World map on two hands with doves flying into a blue sky with fluffy white clouds

Be the change you wish to see in the world

It’s time for a check in. It is a wonderful time for us to remind ourselves that we are all on a journey to better understanding ourselves and others. This is the journey we are all on, living and learning throughout life. I believe that the library can be an integral part of this journey […]

Cataloging Identity

People don’t fall into neat little categories, but as we try to communicate to each other who we are, we tend to identify ourselves with labels. Nerd, jock, rebel. Mom, uncle, brother. Accountant, mechanic, librarian. But labels never stay so simple. We start adding qualifiers: computer nerd, fun uncle, children’s librarian. We don’t stick with […]

Summer Readin’ [set to Summer Nights]

Click the Play Button Above and Sing Along! [Verse 1] Summer readin’, will be a blast Summer readin’, it’s here at last I found a novel perfect for me Found the new Murakami  Summer days reading away And, uh oh, through the night [Chorus] Well-a, well-a, well-a, uh! Read some more, read some more Really […]

Untouched by COVID-19

I really do feel a bit guilty. The past several months have been such a terror for so much of the world, and our country. Now India is again in a terrible situation. With 163 plus million cases worldwide, and 3.38 plus millions of deaths, hundreds of millions out of work, millions of businesses closed, […]

Podcast Palooza

There isn’t much to say here. I have been researching podcasting for the better part of the last year and realized I had started to compile quite the list of podcasts. I went a little further and started to categorize those podcasts and expand in each category with even more content. Before I knew it, […]