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To Believe or Not to Believe, or Maybe Just to Read

“Well, when you look into infinity you realize that there are more important things than what people do all day.” -Calvin, The Days Are Just Packed, Bill Watterson Infinity is a strange concept, especially when the majority of its breadth is conveniently hidden behind the blackness between stars. The scope of the universe is vast beyond […]

September 13 Is Positive Thinking Day

You may throw up in your mouth a little, because I will perhaps be too uncool for the crowd now by writing about… positive thinking. Or rather, my personal take on positive thinking. The older I get, the more I look back at my constantly worried younger self as a complete stranger; was that really […]

“A desolate, grim beauty of its own…”

As summer starts to wind down and kids head back to school, I’m reflective of the fun summer events, particularly a family vacation out West. It is a familiar route to those in this area that many travel at least once in their lifetime. This route is driving through South Dakota to see the Badlands, […]

Wisconsin in Bloom

Usually when people think of this time of year, wildflowers are not the first thing to come to mind. That’s more Spring’s gig, right? I know we just finished our Garden of Stories reading program… but my midwestern heart isn’t quite ready to let go of warmth and green just yet. In fact, late summer […]

The Library’s Next Chapter

The building is finished, now what? We’ve been working on a new Strategic Plan this year, which will serve as our guidebook for the next three years. In my first library director job in California some years back, I inherited a 20-year plan. When I first tried to say tactfully that a 20-year plan was […]

The Magic of Letting Out Your Inner Storyteller

Humans are born storytellers. Think of how effortlessly kids come up with impromptu plots for the adventures they’ve having with their friends and/or toys. As we grow up, we start thinking too hard and begin to second-guess ourselves. Is my story any good? Will it make people yawn, cringe or laugh at me? They say […]

Saving Frankie

The story of how the tiniest puppy from Texas found home in Eau Claire and the humans who helped him along the way. I have the world’s cutest puppy. I’m not just biased or bragging; this fact has been attested to by the stares, squeals, and testimonies of countless friends and strangers. I’ve heard the […]

Know Your Onions: Titles from the Roaring Twenties That Were the Cat’s Pajamas

A century—one hundred years—is a long time. However, there are ties to the past all around us that make events of a century ago closer than one might think.   Maybe you are lucky enough to have parents, grandparents, or older acquaintances who bridge the gap. I still remember my grandmother’s story of shaking hands […]

The Unsavory Side (Effects) of Reading

Last month, I wrote about the proven (and yet-to-be-proven) benefits of reading as an adult. And they are many! If you want to reduce stress, improve sleep, prevent cognitive decline, and develop immunity to mind control,1 among other positive effects, a reading routine might be right for you! Before you start, though, I feel it is […]

The Fourth of July and Frederick Douglass, America’s Most Famous Abolitionist

The Fourth of July is a time for many Americans that evokes images of dazzling fireworks, barbequing, and general revelry. In a word, it is festive – a time for celebration of America’s independence from the British Empire, declared on July 4th, 1776. Other Americans have had more complicated feelings on the holiday. At a […]