Photo of a jubilant trio on a sidewalk on a snowy winter's day.

All the things at the library! (By which I actually mean “my 5 favorite library things to do in January.”)

All the Things [awl thuh things] | phrase of thing | Used to…
Photograph of a Bullet Journal with various writing instruments

Bullet Journaling for the Win!

As I write this, the fuzzy notion of 2021 comes to a close. I…

Can I Love Harry Potter But Not J.K. Rowling?

Harry Potter has been a constant force in my life. Sorcerer’s…

Santa is Odin

You heard me! Santa has been heavily influenced by traditions…
Headphones wrapped around books

(Re)Introducing Playaways

The Eau Claire library now has adult, teen, and children’s…
Text reads: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights

Human Rights Day!

On December 10th, 1948 the United Nations General Assembly adopted…
Mixedtape with holiday lights

Get Your Party Started with Our “Holiday Mixtapes”

Remember in high school when you had a crush on someone and thought…

Our Adoption Story

With November being National Adoption Month, I thought I might…

What Do We Mean by “Library of Things?”

When you think of the library, you obviously think about books.…
Child reading a book

Make a Difference: 27th Annual Give a Kid a Book

I grew up in a house filled with books, visits to our local library…