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The Magic of Letting Out Your Inner Storyteller

Humans are born storytellers. Think of how effortlessly kids come up with impromptu plots for the adventures they’ve having with their friends and/or toys. As we grow up, we start thinking too hard and begin to second-guess ourselves. Is my story any good? Will it make people yawn, cringe or laugh at me? They say […]

Planning for Paradise

There’s a fine line between not enough vacation planning and too much. You don’t want to waste precious time at your destination getting lost, but you don’t want to be tied down to a rigid schedule, either. On a recent trip to Key West, Florida, I created itineraries for several “days” that didn’t have to […]

A Very Polite Volcano

If you had told me a year ago that I would spend countless hours staring at rocks three thousand miles away via a live webcam, I would have questioned your sanity.  Yet on March 19, 2021, a new volcano was born in western Iceland that would end up mesmerizing me until its last lava welled […]

Forget the Fishbowl

I love my pets. They race to greet me when I come home. They recognize me as the human who cares for them and brings food. They are innocent and cheerful, and never fail to brighten my mood. I love them, and it saddens me deeply to think that many people don’t know how to […]