I Put a Spell on You: What to Read This Season

Autumn is here! Like many others, this is my favorite season.…
Group of children walking home at sunset.

Nostalgia for the ’80s – Outside Edition

With season four of Stranger Things taking over the world, I…
Photo of a Pride Flag against a beautiful blue sky.

Happy Pride Month!

The first pride festival I attended was in Minneapolis with my…
Photo of a plane's wing flying over the water with clouds in the background.

Planning for Paradise

There's a fine line between not enough vacation planning and…

Books a Taurus Would Love

Taurus season is upon us, and I think we should all take…

Springtime, As Told By Greek Mythology

While perhaps unintentionally, T.S. Elliot captured the spirit…

At a Garage Sale Long, Long Ago

Ah! Welcome to what many people call their favorite time of year.…

Will Eisner Week 2022

It’s that time of year again! It’s Will Eisner Week!…
Photograph of runners' feet at the start line

I Was Never a Runner

Several years ago, I got the idea to run a half marathon with…
A line of gold and silver trophies. Color Photograph.

And the Winner is… (My Top Five Book Awards)

Anyone else out there wish that book award ceremonies received…