Bad Boys and Their Toys

Nowhere But HereAs I’ve delved deeper into the world of New Adult Fiction, I have discovered a new love interest within this category: Motorcycle Club Fiction. This topic has always intrigued me since the television premiere of Sons of Anarchy in 2008; however, it wasn’t until my discovery of New Adult Fiction that I saw this as an avenue to explore within the world of books. The first title in this category that caught my eye was Nowhere but Here by Katie McGarry. This book has all that I was looking for: family drama, motorcycle club action, and good looking bikers! The story follows 17-year-old Emily whose reluctant visit turns into an extended summer vacation among relatives she never knew she had and all of which are affiliated with the Reign of Terror. They claim to be the good guys and they are her family but nothing is what it seems.Dragon's Lair

I will be honest with you, from what I can tell, Nowhere but Here is on the tamer side than most motorcycle club fiction books. For the most part you are going to find more sexually explicit material within these novels. I recently finished another excellent example of motorcycle fiction called Dragon’s Lair by Chantal Fernando. This one has all the elements I enjoy: fast-paced storyline, family and relationship drama, and again, sexy bikers galore! In this story, good girl lawyer-in-training, Faye, walks in on her boyfriend sleeping with another woman. She then finds herself doing the unthinkable: in bed with his brother, Dexter Black, and ultimate bad boy. He not only is in a member of the notorious Wind Dragons MC but the vice president. She’s now stuck in a world she doesn’t belong in.

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