Calendar Girl

If the above picture looks familiar, you may recall having seen this furry friend in the library’s 2015 Friends of the Library Pet Calendar from this past January. Lily was photographed for the calendar in August 2014. This event also marked her first trip to the library! This spunky sweetheart of a rabbit happens to belong to me. Lily is a 1 ½ year old New Zealand mix who loves dried fruit, exploring new areas, getting into mischief, being petted, and books. As seen below, Lily occasionally even browses bookshelves…

bunny browsing books

…and jumps onto them and nibbles books when no one is looking!

Every now and then, my boyfriend and I take Lily to a bimonthly event called Hoppy Time, which is more or less akin to social hour for pet rabbits (and their humans, of course). Rabbits can play, roam around, and make new friends, while their owners snap pictures of them and gush to one another how cute they are. The range of rabbits is quite varied, with bunnies no bigger than the size of one’s hand to those that easily weigh between ten and fifteen pounds. For footage of these four-footed fluff balls, check out this news story from last year.bunny

Now that it’s summertime, we have started taking Lily outside for some fresh air and green grass.  We have a pretty big backyard, so it’s easy to take her outdoors, place a big cage top over her, and watch her while we barbecue or tend to our garden.

If you are a rabbit lover or if this entry has even piqued your curiosity, I recommend checking out Stories Rabbits Tell to get a better idea of how these wonderful animals have been represented in our culture and how they have often been misunderstood by many in our society.

For more books on rabbits, just take a look in the library’s collection in the 636.9’s. There you’ll find books on how to care for pet rabbits, their history and origins, scientific information, etc….

So hop to it!



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