Chippewa Valley Writers Guild

CVWGI have long enjoyed the vibrant literature scene here in the Chippewa Valley.  Now that a new organization is really kicking things up a notch, I have even more to look forward to.  The newly formed Chippewa Valley Writers Guild (CVWG) is the brainchild of the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center and the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire Foundation.  According to their website, CVWR “seeks to support regional writers by serving as an organizing body committed to mentoring writers and writing groups, coordinating events, and providing outreach activities to the community.”  What does that mean?  It means that local writers will have more opportunities to network and practice their craft and that local literature lovers will have more opportunities to experience local writing.  That’s what I call a win-win.

The library has always done its best to support local literature efforts which is why we are excited to be partnering with CVWG to host bestselling author Michael Perry for an event on Saturday, May 7.  We don’t have all the details just yet, but keep an eye out for information in the library’s April newsletter, or get news on the Michael Perry and other upcoming CVWG programs straight from the horse’s mouth by subscribing to the CVWG’s monthly newsletter.


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