Collecting People

I like people, old and young, short and tall, whomever. “My” people don’t necessarily have to be alive for me to like them.  In fact, some of the most interesting characters I’ve met haven’t even lived in my lifetime. Indexes galore exist to find your ancestors, many online, some not. My motto is “If everything were online, what fun would that be?” Field trips to cemeteries, courthouses, funeral homes, and of course, libraries are a nice way to spend some time. I’ve run across many sad stories in my search to add people to the Genealogical Research Society’s (GRSEC) Obituary/Cemetery database.  Morbid, you say? Maybe, but rewarding to think there might be someone out there looking for that person to add to their family tree. Is there scandal in the past? Sure, but it was 100 years ago, and it adds a touch of color to the research. The L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library has ways to help you with your research. In addition to the obituary database already mentioned, we have Ancestry Library Edition for use here at the library; we have Heritage Quest which you can use at home with your MORE library card, and many more. In addition, the GRSEC and the library sponsor Genealogy Open Labs in the Spring and Fall. Come check out what the library has to offer!


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