Eisner Week 2020

Will Eisner. A name many may see and think, “I know I’ve heard that name before. What did he do?” Maybe the name Eisner, as in the Eisner Award, is what triggers the elusive sense of recognition. Perhaps it’s a vague familiarity with his well-known works, The Spirit or A Contract With God. Whatever it may be, Eisner was an amazing writer and artist who had a profound impact on literature as we know it because Eisner is the “Father of the Graphic Novel,” and this week, March 1–7, is Will Eisner Week. A week where we celebrate Will Eisner and the graphic novel.

For Will Eisner Week we will have our blog shelf near Information & Reference on the second floor of the library filled with a variety of graphic novels to sate the appetite of both graphic novel veterans and novices alike. If you’ve never picked a graphic novel up, give it a try. Expand your literary skills beyond the mere written word for sequential art, an Eisner-coined term, has a set of literary skills of its own.


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