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Getting Artsy!

The Pastel Dog by Kat Prevanas

Do you have a wall that’s looking a little dull? Do you want to wow all your friends with your artistic tastes? Have you always wanted to display local artists work but can’t decide on just one piece of art? What if I told you that you could fix all of the above for FREE with only one catch? What if I told you that the catch is just having a library card, which is also FREE! That’s right, the library has an awesome assortment of art prints by local artists for you to check out!

The process is simple, you come into the library and head up to the 2nd floor. Just to the left of the reference desk you’ll find all the art prints that are available currently for check out. A convenient catalog shows all the different pieces offered in the collection with their corresponding number. Once you’ve found the prints you want (yes, you can check out more than one!) just grab them from the shelving and check them out using the barcode found on the label attached to the case. If you’re struggling at any point during the process, just ask a staff member and they’ll be glad to assist you. Checkouts for the artwork are for 42 days but if you’re really loving your art prints you can renew it up to two times.

If you find the art print you want is already checked out, you can always check from home using the MORE Catalog to check the current status. Searching “art prints’ in the search bar of the catalog will bring up all the different prints in the collection. If looking for a specific one, you can search by the name of the art piece if you know it or “art reproductions x” where “x” is the number of the art print you are looking for. The catalog is a little finicky, so make sure “reproductions” is plural.

Hopefully the next time you look at a spot on your wall that looks a little boring, you’ll remember your library card gives you access to over 30+ art prints! Did I mention it’s FREE!


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