Introductions and the Unexpected

To some, I may be a new face at the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library (LEPMPL). To others, I am a returning old friend.

The library has been a constant in my life since I was about 5 years old. Most children visiting the library would be thrilled to get home with their new found treasures. Not me! No! I was thrilled about taking home a mountain of books so I could pretend to check them out to my siblings. I suppose my parents should have seen it coming; their sixth out of eight children was destined to be a librarian.

For about ten years, in my youth and early twenties, I worked for LEPMPL. During the week I shelved hundreds, if not thousands, of books and spent my days off as a customer completing homework or writing in a hidden study area. The library staff never seemed surprised to see me return multiple times per day and acknowledged me with a smile and nod while offering the feeling of belonging. Inspired by my experiences and journey as a new mother, I left LEPMPL to go to college and graduate school knowing I would be returning someday as a librarian.

Unlike one may presume of a librarian, I am not a quiet person. My voice and laughter are often heard at elevated levels. I am a minority amongst most librarians. I have never read Harry Potter. You might be thinking I’m strange for not reading Harry Potter. No worries! I will read it, someday soon. I did have to read about 33 young adult literature books in 14 weeks. I know I can get through Harry Potter.

Librarians are so much more than their stereotypes. Have you ever met a librarian who played women’s semi-professional baseball, is a performing singer/songwriter/guitarist of the blues-folk-rock genre, and dabbles in art? If you have not, I welcome you to catch me at Information & Reference on the second floor. I’ll welcome you with a smile and nod.


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