What Do We Mean by “Library of Things?”

When you think of the library, you obviously think about books. It has been just a few decades that movies were available at the library as well, so that might also be in your frame of mind. But what if I told you that you could also check out things like a telescope or a bocce ball kit for FREE!

There’s that in more in what we like to call the “Library of Things” at the library. Available kits can be found next to the newspapers and magazines near the entrance of our temporary location. Any of those you find there can be checked out and you can have them for up to a month!

These kits can be searched on the MORE catalog as well, if the one you want that isn’t currently available. On the catalog website, click on “Advanced Search” and do a keyword search for “Library of Things”, then switch “Held at:” to “Eau Claire” and you’ll see all the Dabble, Wellness, and other great kits available!


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