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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I like to think of something that I love very much:  public libraries.  Ever since I started frequenting public libraries as a little girl, I have fostered a deep love for them.  I can remember the day I signed up for my very own library card.  I was seven years old and the first books that I checked out were two about kid-friendly food creations and another one on magic tricks.  I marveled in the delight that came with having my own card and my own books to check out.  Over the years, I have only furthered this passion by being an active patron, volunteering at libraries, and eventually working in one while earning a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science.  Libraries play an essential role for many in the public and the ways in which we love them are endless. is a site that celebrates and acknowledges the importance that public libraries play in our daily lives.  On their Real Stories page, everyday people reveal how their public library has played a vital role in their life.  As a patron, I myself have valued my own library for its free tax forms, iPad checkouts, art gallery, new items, seed library, and much more.  I have even checked out books before that I needed intermittently for my online courses, which has been a relief to my pocketbook.  You may be surprised by just how much money the library can save you by utilizing its free resources and materials.  I calculated the value of my own use at the library in the last 30 days, which came to a total of $216.65.  You can find out your own total savings by using the library worth calculator.

Also, make sure to check out the video below to hear actor/author Levar Burton express his love for public libraries.




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