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Nurturing Wellness

It is time for wellness check in. Today we are choosing to look inward and focus on ourselves, not the rest of the chaos of the world. This is not about a battle with ourselves, but rather reminding ourselves how strong and amazing our bodies are and that we can assist ourselves in doing a little better where needed. We are going to assess and work on the dimensions of wellness in our lives. We cannot entirely eliminate stress or illness from our lives; what we can do is support the different domains of wellness so that we can be better prepared for life’s challenges. This is called “coping ahead” before we hit the challenges.

The dimensions of wellness are:

Intellectual: Engaging in creative or stimulating mental activities, expanding knowledge and skills.

Example actions: Taking a class for fun/ to learn something new, watching videos online to learn something new, learning a new language, reading something different than you normally would.

Occupational: Personal job satisfaction and enrichment in your life.

Example actions: Finding ways to be fulfilled in your job or by volunteering to utilize your skills.

Financial: Comfort with your financial situation.

Example actions: Budgeting, making financial plans, obtaining a financial mentor.8 dimensions of wellness

Environmental: Being in pleasant and stimulating environments that support your well-being.

Example actions: Picking up trash, being in nature, recycling.

Physical: Meeting the body’s physical needs.

Example actions: Physical activity, eating well, sleeping well, avoiding or reducing the use of substances, getting medical checkups, wearing safety gear (masks, lifejackets, seatbelts, etc.)

Social: Developing a sense of connection, belonging, and a strong support system.

Example actions: Intentionally seeking out others (have a meal, join a volunteer or special interest group), learn about other backgrounds and cultures.

Emotional: Coping effectively with life and managing emotionally healthy relationships.

Example actions: Utilizing stress management techniques, meditation, seeking out a therapist or other professional support, learning to be comfortable with hard emotions and how to safely express them.

Spiritual: Expanding our sense of purpose and meaning in life.

Example actions: Volunteering, becoming a member of a group that holds similar beliefs, being in nature, connecting with yourself, doing good deeds for others.

Let’s look into strengthening these domains. Take a moment and review each of these domains and what you are currently doing in each domain. Think about whether or not you are feeling satisfied in each domain. If you identify an area that feels like it is not as strong or not as fulfilling, write that down. Then write down what you are already doing in that domain, or what you have done in the past that has worked for you. For example, maybe you feel that your financial wellness domain is struggling, and you are not currently using a budget, but in the past that worked really well for you. Do not reinvent the wheel, utilize what has worked for you! If you are ready to try something new, and enhance a wellness area, then stimulate multiple areas of wellness by doing a little research to find out how to boost your wellness. For example, if you want to enhance your environmental wellness, talk to friends and family about their favorite eco-friendly products, or their favorite outdoor spaces to be in, do research and grow your passion for caring for this domain. By reaching out and doing research you are boosting your social and intellectual wellness while learning how to boost another domain!

Continue to focus on what is going well for you, and build off of that. If you are looking for more information on how to enhance an area of wellness, or are interested in learning something new, reach out to our staff to find materials or resources that may help you on this journey.

Be well.



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