Tasting the Unknown

While we are certainly not out of the clear of this pandemic, it has been nice to finally go to events again after getting vaccinated. One event I sorely missed last year was the Minnesota State Fair, which is one of the funnest events of the summer. I love checking out all the awesome things at the fair, but what gets me the most excited is definitely trying out the new foods. There’s something so exciting about trying something new for the first time. This year, I’m definitely excited for the Waffle Burger, Panera Pakora, and Cucumber Jalapeño Limeade.

When it comes to restaurants, I’m always excited to try out one I’ve never been before or a menu item I’ve never had before. Even when it seems a little iffy at first, like cactus or beef tongue, you sometimes might end up finding a new favorite food!

Likewise, I like to try my hand at cooking interesting foods I’ve never eaten before as well. One of my new favorite things to cook is Chinese crispy pork belly. The contrast of the delicious pork, juicy fat, and crisp skin is amazing! Traditionally, from what I read, it is dipped in either mustard or sugar (but not both). Mustard made sense, but I was surprised how well the sugar tasted. I also love perusing the grocery store, seeing a particular ingredient, and wondering what it could be used for. I then go home and look it up and try to make it!

Is there anything strange you’ve eaten that you wouldn’t have thought you’d enjoy, but did? Did you find an awesome recipe and cook something you normally wouldn’t that have tasted amazing? Share it!


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