Not here? Never fear! (What to do when the item you want isn’t in the catalog.)

Have you ever looked through the library catalog for something you really wanted or a friend suggested but could not find it? It’s never a good feeling, but I’m here to remind you of two different options you have before you should give up on your quest!

The first option, especially if the thing you’re looking for is relatively new is to make a Suggestion for Purchase request. We love getting these requests because it really does help let us know what our community is interested in! Generally, materials released in the last two years are heavily considered while those older are not.

If it’s over two years old, Interlibrary Loan is the other option you have. We have agreements with libraries all over the state, country, and even sometimes the world where they will send things to us for you to check out. These requests cannot be done yourself, however, the Reference staff would be more than happy to assist you. You can email us at or call 715-839-5004! Just be aware this takes a bit more time than a normal hold, so please allow 2-6 weeks!


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