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Banned Books are a Drag

When most folks think of the library, they think books. But the library is so much more.  Sure, we also have movies and CDs and downloadable media like e-books and music.  And we offer free Wi-Fi and loan iPads and Wi-Fi Hotspots.  And we have an amazing lineup of programs for kids and adults (if […]

Oh boy! Or, girl?

I am a pretty traditional gal, with what I consider traditional goals.  I married my high school sweetheart a year after graduating North High School.  I started working at L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library in 2007, earned my bachelors in 2010 from UW – Eau Claire and took a year off before heading back to […]

Roll up Your Sleeves

I can’t thank my dad enough for the time he spent teaching my siblings and me, from the time we were old enough to drive, how to fix our own vehicles.  We worked on everything from changing the oil to tear-the-engine-out projects.  At the time, the lessons weren’t always appreciated.  I wanted to be out […]

Open Mics

Eau Claire is a pretty amazing place to live if you are a writer, or if you simply enjoy listening to the spoken word.  Below are just a few opportunities for performing or listening to poetry, short stories, essays, and more: Writers Read is a monthly library presentation, generally held on the second Tuesday of […]

A Labor of Love

Earlier this year, my husband and I bought a house.  But it wasn’t just any house; it was the home his grandfather had built back in the 1940s.  It was the home where his father, aunt, and uncles had grown up.  It was the home where he’d spent countless holidays and birthdays. We were so […]

Get the Party Started!

Get the Party Started! In addition to planning library programs, I love to help my friends and family plan their special events – whether it’s a big wedding or small backyard barbeque.  While some folks are overwhelmed by the seemingly endless decisions to be made, I enjoy taming the chaos.  There is something so satisfying […]

Get Your Art On!

According to the calendar, summer starts June 21. I’ve come to define summer as the first Saturday I can do two of my favorite downtown activities: shop at the Phoenix Park farmer’s market and stroll through downtown to view the Eau Claire Sculpture Tour. Although my artistic skills are limited to drawing barely recognizable stick […]