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September 13 Is Positive Thinking Day

You may throw up in your mouth a little, because I will perhaps be too uncool for the crowd now by writing about… positive thinking. Or rather, my personal take on positive thinking. The older I get, the more I look back at my constantly worried younger self as a complete stranger; was that really […]

A Taste of Russia: Four Movies and a Cookbook (and a Little More)

It seems to me that Russia has always been a “hot topic” in the news, regardless of the year, or decade. The country has seen political turmoil, numerous cultural and scientific achievements, repression and freedom at different times, for different people, though it is no wonder, as Russia is by far the world’s largest country […]

Words as Friends and Enemies

Beautiful eyes are rolling over these short lines When I first read this mini-poem my face was gray and my brain was cooked from plowing through the Western world’s literature. At that time reading had become more than a full-time occupation for me, since Comparative Literature was my first subject at the University of Gothenburg, […]