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The concept of “anti-racism” has rested near the center of national discussion over the past three months as significant protests and demonstrations have sprawled across the country, sparked by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25. We’ve entered one of this country’s most divisive periods, greatly intensified by a global pandemic and an upcoming presidential election. This isn’t the only time our country has faced such personal and cultural divisions, but it’s a stark reminder of how much work we’ve left undone to create true racial equality.

As a predominantly white community, these past few months have caused many in Eau Claire to reexamine the concept racism, as well as the role it plays in their lives. More importantly, the concept of anti-racism has gained significant traction. New to many of us, the term “anti-racism” refers to an active and engaged mindset designed to work against systemic racism in our everyday lives and within our trusted institutions. That’s a simplified way to put things, but it represents a significant shift in how we approach and work for racial equality. It’s not enough to acknowledge racism. You must fight it.

In this spirit, the library has created a webpage filled with resources focused on the concept of anti-racism. While we know you can’t end massive societal problems with book lists alone, reading and education are a crucial part of the puzzle. It’s the library’s mission to promote lifelong learning and support open access to diverse materials and resources enhancing the quality of life in this community. This means addressing the issues of racism and inequity through our services.

So on our Anti-Racism Resources page, you’ll find anti-racist book suggestions (fiction and nonfiction), helpful websites, and important multimedia organized by topic and age. We’ve also included info on community organizations, upcoming library events, and more. Please check it out and see what you think.




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