Crush the 2019 Diversity Challenge

The start of the year saw the launch of the Diversity Challenge. This reading program offers you the opportunity to dive into reading and win prizes along the way. Each month during the year, you must read a book from one of the twelve categories. After you register online, visit us at Information & Reference for your FREE reading journal. It’s not just a way for us to keep track of your progress but it also contains reading inspiration for each book category, and is a convenient place to keep track of your thoughts about the new books you will discover. I have heard from several participants that through this challenge they have broadened what they are reading and discovered books that they never would have thought to read before. Now is a great time to take up the challenge. You may not read ahead (we want to see your smiling faces in the library each month) but you can catch up! Here are some tips to help you crush the 2019 Diversity Challenge.

Similar to any challenge, you will do better with a buddy. I think the best thing to do is to find someone who will push you to do your best while not annoying you to the point of wanting to quit. Be clear with each other from the beginning about what motivates you and how often you want to be motivated. Another great way to find support is by either joining or starting a book club. This helps encourage you to meet your goals, gives you an excuse to see friends and get out of the house, and you get to discuss the great books you’re reading with fellow book lovers. Who can complain about that?

Not sure where to start with some of the categories? We’ve got you covered! When you pick up your reading journal you will find reading inspiration lists within its pages. If you prefer to access these online, click here. If you would like to browse a physical collection, visit us at Information & Reference and we can point you to the book display that features items that fall under the current month’s category. Our staff members are also a great resource if you would like a personal recommendation.

Tracking your reading is a great way to keep your momentum going. There are several ways you can do this. You could use the reading journal we created just for you. If you already have a system in place that works for you, use that! Another way to track your reading is to create a free Goodreads account. You can do so here or you can download the app on your smartphone or tablet. Goodreads is one of my personal favorites. You can keep track of your reading lists and you can also see what your friends are reading.

What if you don’t have time to pick up a physical book? This is where checking out a different format comes in handy. My favorite alternative to a traditional paperback is the audiobook. This format offers you a whole new experience and it takes advantage of time where it’s just not possible to pick up a book. Audiobooks allow you to read on the go, they help your gym time fly by, and they will make doing the dishes your new favorite chore. Digital media, such as e-books and e-audiobooks, are also a great resource that will help you meet your reading goals because they allow you to always have a book with you. Learn how you can get free access to digital media using your library card by visiting here.

In the comments below, share your tips and tricks that help motivate you to accomplish your goals. Happy reading!


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