March Sports Madness!

March brings the beginning of spring and all its nice weather (please go away, snow), but it also brings some extremely exciting times in the world of sports. Whether you’re a basketball, baseball, hockey, or football fan, March is going to be exciting.

The obvious big sports event is none other than March Madness, causing productivity to go down in offices all around America. And who can blame them, they’re probably some of the most exciting basketball games around. Whether it’s cheering on your favorite team or Alma Mater (sadly UWM did not make it) to victory or getting hyped about the biggest upset of the year, March Madness seems to get almost everyone pumped.

While their regular seasons end in April, the NBA and NHL teams are fighting for precious playoff spots throughout the month of March. Will the Bucks be able to hold onto their lead in the Eastern Conference with the Raptors only two games back? I hope so. Our neighbor’s team, the Minnesota Wild, are still in the hunt to make the playoffs with 8 games to go, can they pull it off?

Just barely squeaking into March this year, the MLB has its opening day on March 28 where all thirty teams will play. The Brewers were so close last season to making it to the World Series. Hopefully this can be their year!

And while the regular season doesn’t actually start until September, I get a little excited every March because it means the start of free agency for the NFL. There always seems to be some crazy stuff that goes down, and this year hasn’t disappointed!  I’m excited for all the new defensive signings the Packers got and I really think this is going to be their year after two disappointing ones.

So, no matter what sport you’re a fan of, March is the month to get excited. Let me know what sport or team you’re most excited for in the comments, even if you’re an unfortunate Cubs fan.


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