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“Let’s Get Crafty”

Did you know that the month of March proffers such fun-filled days to celebrate as National Peanut Lover Day (March 1), National Panic Day (March 9), and Everything You Do Is Right Day (March 16)? If you have ever checked out in Greg’s lane at the circulation desk, you probably already know the special celebration associated with a given day. There are over 1,500 national days, and I think that Greg might know almost every one.

However, March is not just a month filled with random days to celebrate. It is also “National Craft Month.” That is right. A month-long celebration of all things crafty, and if you are looking to learn a new skill, then the library is the place for you! From Saturday morning Make and Takes for adults, to open labs in our Dabble Box makerspace (where you are welcome to come in and use any of our supplies for FREE), to myriad craft kits that circulate for 4 weeks, we offer something for everyone at every skill level, and practically every interest.

We also have a robust collection of crafting books, from paper, to wood, to fabric, painting to metal crafts located in the 700s on the second floor, and even more craft books in the Dabble Box circulating collection, which can be located on the grey rolling cart outside the makerspace and is accessible whenever the library is open. To get you started on your month-long crafting journey (well, 19 day-long), here are some recommendations from our crafting collection.

UPCYCLE: 24 Sustainable DIY Projects

Rebecca Proctor offers creative ways to makeover discarded objects into something that’ll make your friends ooh & aah. From copper clothing lamps, to a strawberry box bench, and a way to turn those discarded plastic crates you have been using to hold your record collection into a stylish piece of furniture using cord rope, the designs are creative, the steps are few, and if you are looking to create a hanging light using fresh seaweed and bio-resin, then this is the book for you!

BIBLIOCraft: A Modern Crafter’s Guide to Using Library Resources to Jumpstart Creative Projects

Not only does this book offer some really decent library themed crafting projects – it opens with a handy library user guide on locating physical materials on library shelves, locating quality crafting digital resources, and offers noteworthy library collections, all prepared by the author, who works as a rare book librarian at the New York Public Library.

DIY Mason Jars: Thirty-five Creative Crafts & Projects for the Classic Container

I might be checking this one out, because I just love the versatility of Mason Jars. They can house a healthy salad, make clever vessels for presents for co-workers, or can be turned into a soap dispenser! But Melissa Averinos has way better ideas. If I beat you to it, I promise to return it on time!


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