Elf, Elf Baby

Do you ever find yourself wondering:

  1. What library items are checked out to whom in your household?
  2. When all of those materials are due?
  3. When your holds are going to be available?
  4. If you *gasp* have overdue library materials?

Ever wish you had a magical creature that would help you keep track of all of these things?

Then you need to sign-up for a free ELF account! 

Library Elf is a free service that will give you peace of mind. You can manage multiple cards with one account, receive email and/or RSS alerts before your items are due, receive text alerts when an item you have put on hold is available for pickup, and text alerts that will alert you the day an item is due. The emails are particularly helpful when trying to locate an item someone else in your house has checked out, because it provides you with a snapshot of the book’s jacket cover.

We only have three accounts to keep track of in our house and this service has helped me keep track of what is due, what number an item is in the hold queue and even the dreaded news that an item is overdue.  Library Elf will also remind you when your hold is about to expire, which is particularly useful if you have an item you’ve been waiting to checkout for two months but when it finally appears in the holds are you are so busy doing other things that you very nearly forget it and it gets sent to the next person on the waiting list and you have to put your name on the waiting list again and wait another two months and when the item is finally available you cannot even remember why you requested it in the first place. But if you had Library Elf reminding you to pick up your patiently waiting items on the Holds shelf, that would never happen.

Library Elf will make your library user experience better. I promise. And it is really easy to sign-up.

  1. Visit http://www.libraryelf.com/
  2. Click on Sign Up from the center of the page: 
  1. Enter your Email Address, create and confirm a Password, enter your First and Last Names and agree to their Terms of Use.
  1. From the new page, select your Library from the drop down menu: WI – MORE (subscriber).
  1. Enter your Card Number and click on “Save.” Our library does not require a PIN.
  2. You may add another card number or click “Continue to Step 3”
  3. Set your reminder preferences and click “Finish”
  4. Complete your registration by opening your email, looking for a new email from Library Elf, and following the link back to libraryelf.com

Keep in mind that if you ever change your library card number you will need to add that to your Library Elf account. You can do this under User Services.


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