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If you had asked me 2 years ago if I would ever own an e-reader, the answer would have been a strong and definite no! However, I finally gave in and purchased a Kindle Paperwhite. I decided that it would be beneficial for me, as a librarian, to learn how to set-up and use this type of technology first-hand. I have discovered that e-reading is not as terrible as I once believed. I like that my Kindle is easy to read, small and compact, and I can only using it for reading so I am not distracted by Facebook or Internet browsing. The downsides that I discovered have been the pictures within the books are black and white and there are no speakers in the device. However, I can still enjoy audiobooks through my smartphone. One thing that I thought I would miss when not having a physical book is being able to see my progress, however, I have found that the Kindle will tell you exactly how long in hours and minutes it will take you to complete the book.

You can also enjoy eBooks, audiobooks, digital magazines and newspapers and streaming video from your computer, phone, or tablet! If you’re not sure how to get started, look no further than your handy dandy public library! You can access step-by-step instructions from library staff at the Reference and Information Services desk found on the first floor of the public library. You may also find them online at https://www.ecpubliclibrary.info/downloadable-media-music-books/.  If you would like more one-on-one help, Tech Tuesdays might be for you! Stop in on the second Tuesday of each month for FREE personal training on your e-reader, iPad, laptop, or tablet. We also offer individual appointments. To schedule an appointment either stop by or call 715-839-5004.

OverDrive options

Looking back, I’m not sure why I resisted as long as I did but one thing is for sure, I have not once regretted purchasing my e-reading device. There are so many perks to having access to e-Books. For one, I can carry as many books as I want in a compact device weighing no more than a half pound…though if I’m being honest I have never been able to break the habit of keeping a “real” book in my purse. Another perk of using OverDrive is that once you start reading, it begins to give you recommendations of other titles you might enjoy.  The OverDrive collection is also available for browsing 24/7 and you will never accumulate a late fine for eBooks. Once your time expires, the book is no longer available.

What do you like best about your e-reading device? What is the best title you’ve found in our digital collection? Happy e-reading!



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