Falling into Fall

Here in Wisconsin, we’re lucky enough to experience all four seasons. If you’re like me, you’ll find that autumn in Wisconsin tends to be especially delightful. With pumpkin patches, apple orchards, and colorful leaves, there is much to do and see during this final season before the cold and snow strikes again. One site that is particularly helpful in tracking down all the beautiful tree plumage throughout the state is the Fall Color Report. This site not only tracks peak folitreesage, it also provides nearby events, activities, dining and lodging.

Going hand-in-hand with falling leaves are falling apples, which Wisconsin has plenty to offer. The Wisconsin Apple Growers Association can locate apple orchards throughout the entire state. Two of my favorite orchards include Ferguson’s Orchards and Autumn Harvest Winery. apples

Although Fall is known as apple season, there are plenty of other later-summer fruits and veggies still being harvested. The Farmer’s Market in Phoenix Park is frequented by many during summer months but continues to run through October with plenty to offer. For those that want a taste of late summer and early Fall in the winter months, the library offers many books on canning and preserving.

Still looking for more things to do this Fall? Check out Volume One’s guide to all things Fall-related. Here are also some more books to help keep you in the Fall mood when you’re not outside raking leaves or sipping hot apple cider.

What’s your favorite way to fall into Fall?


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