Finding Needles

Locating items on popular subjects can be difficult—veritable needles in the large haystack of search results. Luckily, there are ways to make the results more relevant to your search so you go through less of them.

Suppose you’re looking for a book and a DVD on knitting that you can pick up right now at the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library to enjoy a relaxing weekend. Searching for knitting returns 1,842 items as of March 20th, which is a great selection but also a large haystack to search through.

Screenshot of massive search results on knitting in MORE catalog

On the left side of the search results are refinements—a way to filter your results to just the ones you care about. To browse the available Eau Claire books, click At the library under Availability, Book under Format, and Eau Claire under Collection. Notice that the page reloads after each selection. After entering all three, we’re now down to a fraction of the items

Refined search screenshot by availability, book format, and Eau Claire for location.

We can also change how the results are sorted to make the most relevant items appear first. Above the search results is the Sorted by line, which defaults to Relevance. If you’re looking for new items, click on Date; alternatively, arrange items by the title or author in alphabetical order. Here are the results sorted by date to show the newest items first:

Screenshot of a refined search in MORE catalog by relevance.

Originally, we wanted to search for books and DVDs. You can search for just DVDs by clicking on Book again so that it’s unchecked and then clicking on DVD. You should see a relatively small number that’s easy to browse:

Screenshot of MORE catalog limited by DVD format.

What if you wanted to find the newest book or DVD? You can do that, too: Click on the more > label under Format to see all possible formats and select both Book and DVD, like so:

Screenshot of limiting in MORE catalog two formats of Book and DVD.

When you’re done, click Apply. You’re now viewing the newest books or DVDs that are available at the library right now:

Screenshot  of MORE showing how to limit availability to items that are available right now.

If you’re using a mobile device to search the MORE catalog, the interface is a little different. All of the refinements are hidden by default. To view them, click the [icon.png] icon. You won’t be able to change the sort order on a mobile device as of this writing, though.

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