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Nonprofit Resources

Nonprofits benefit their communities by responding to the needs of the at-risk and marginalized, by supporting community goals, and more. If you’ve ever thought about starting a non-profit, or if you’re running a non-profit and looking for additional assistance, the library can help. The library website has three pages to support nonprofits: Resources for Nonprofits, […]

Making Contact

While you might not be able to communicate with space aliens, did you know that you can directly talk with astronauts aboard the International Space Station? Amateur radio has been featured in science-fiction films such as Contact, Frequency, and Independence Day. While the extraterrestrials and situations in each are fictional, you can connect with real […]

The Something Star

The modern catalog matches terms you type exactly. Imagine you’re looking for an astronomy book, but you don’t remember the title exactly. It was Death…something by…was it Phillip? Something? So you type your guess into the search box and press enter. There are 81 results! But none of the first items look like astronomy books. […]

Finding Needles

Locating items on popular subjects can be difficult—veritable needles in the large haystack of search results. Luckily, there are ways to make the results more relevant to your search so you go through less of them. Suppose you’re looking for a book and a DVD on knitting that you can pick up right now at […]

Growing Up

Whether or not you garden, it’s a great time to start thinking about growing trees and shrubs. Many counties in the area have tree and shrub sales at the year’s start. These are opportunities to acquire low-cost, native trees and shrubs for shade, wood, fruit, or nuts. You’ll generally need to commit to a bundle […]

Suggesting E-items

If you routinely make suggestions for purchase, you may have noticed that the “Downloadable Media” location is no longer available. Instead, visit Wisconsin’s Digital Library at https://wplc.overdrive.com/ and sign in.    Select “Indianhead Federated Library System”, enter your card number, and then click “sign in”. After signing in, you’ll be returned to the main page. […]