Suggesting E-items

If you routinely make suggestions for purchase, you may have noticed that the “Downloadable Media” location is no longer available. Instead, visit Wisconsin’s Digital Library at and sign in.


Select “Indianhead Federated Library System”, enter your card number, and then click “sign in”.

After signing in, you’ll be returned to the main page. Next, click “Search” and enter the title of the item you’d like to suggest for purchase in the search box. Press enter or click on the magnifying glass to search Wisconsin’s Digital Library for the item.

If the item is already part of Wisconsin’s Digital Library, great! You can reserve it or place it on hold right away. Otherwise, look in the “Didn’t find what you’re looking for?” section and see if you title is listed. If you see it, click on the “RECOMMEND” link.

After clicking, you’ll receive a message that the item was recommended and that you’ll be added to the waitlist if purchased. You’re all done! If the item is purchased, you’ll receive an email if the item is added to the collection and another when it’s available for download. Note that you can recommend up to 3 titles per month.

Not all titles are available for purchase, and so you may not see the item you’re looking for. But don’t give up hope! Even if an e-item isn’t available for purchase, you can request a physical copy by making a regular suggestion for purchase or an Interlibrary Loan request; there’s a blog post about both processes, too.