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Consumer Reports is one of our most popular reference magazines, but did you know that you can access Consumer Reports from home or while shopping using your library card?

Step 1 screenshot

Step 1: Access Consumer Reports using the “Search by issue or product” link on our website. You can also find the link by going to “Explore > Consumer Reports”.

Step 2 screenshot

Step 2: A new window will open asking you for your “Patron ID”. This is your library card number. Enter it and click “Login”.

Step 3 screenshot

Step 3: After entering your card number correctly, you’ll see a new page with publication details for Consumer Reports. Click “Search within this publication”.

Step 4 screenshot

Step 4: You’re almost done! The new page will display JN “Consumer Reports” in a search box. Enter what you’re searching for before the “JN”. For example, if you’re looking for insect repellent, the search box should read insect repellent JN “Consumer Reports”. Click the Search button when you’re done.

Step 5 screenshot

Step 5: Your search results should now appear! There are two links under each article that will let you read it. Click on “HTML Full Text” to read the article as a web page or on “PDF Full Text” to read the article formatted just like the magazine. Happy reading—and shopping!



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