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Game Guides are a wonderful assistance to anyone playing a game who doesn’t automatically know every nook and cranny of what they’re playing. (So if this is your sixth time playing, you may even know the game better than the writers of the guide!)

Now game guides can be used in many different ways, as a straight forward walkthrough or even to show some areas that have little secrets or jokes. Such as in Borderlands 2, where the guide can tell you where to find, and how to get, a Minecraft skin for your character. But be warned, you’ll have to survive a creeper explosion to get there…

Our library itself is host to quite a few different game guides, some old and some new. One of the most popular games for us to have guides of is of course Minecraft! For a little background, Minecraft is an open-world, pixelated, survival game that has gone on to capture the hearts of people young and old. In the game you start off in a randomly generated world with nothing but your name to call your own. And so you start your journey like all Minecraft beginners, and punch a tree for wood to make supplies. The guides we have tell everything from how to do the basics to how to build beautiful structures, and that’s not even tapping into the wealth of art that can be created within the game.  Click HERE for the game guides!

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