Gardening Season is almost here!

Just the other day I received an email that it was time to confirm my garden plot reservation.  I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was about that!  The lack of sun this entire winter and spring has really gotten to me and I am looking forward to long, sunny summer nights spent listening to my audiobooks and tending my plants. 

Two summers ago I rented a plot from the community garden for the first time.  I was a little nervous about how big it was, and how much work it would be.  What I didn’t realize was how therapeutic the garden plot would become.  That summer was just before the one year anniversary of my father’s death after a struggle with cancer.  The closer that anniversary came, the more grief I felt.  After work and dinner with my family I would go out to the garden and tend my plants.  Time didn’t exist when I was in the garden, I would turn on an audiobook, music or sometimes just listen to the sounds of nature, and work until it got dark.  The peace I felt while in the garden was so great I got to the anniversary of my dad’s death and beyond. 

Last summer the gardening experience was different.  I was a little busier so I wasn’t able to go as often in the evenings, but when I was there it was more of a joyful event rather than a peaceful and reflective one.  I am sure that this year the garden will bring me new experiences.  This year the gloomy weather has really gotten to me, so I just can’t wait to be out in the sunshine.  Also, my oldest child is graduating from high school and joining the Navy this summer.  The fact that my dad won’t be there to see those things is a bit sad, but I know he will be looking out for his oldest grandchild.  I will be down to two teenagers at home, and I am sure that will be much different!    

I have my seeds all checked out from the seed library and can’t wait to start putting them in the ground.  I am going to try a few new things this year including sunflowers, garlic and peppers.  I also would like to can my own tomato sauce this year.  Two years ago I didn’t have enough tomatoes, and last year I ran out of time  Need gardening tips?  I have learned quite a few things over the years by looking at our gardening books at the library.  I would love to hear about your gardening adventures next time you are in the library!    


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