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International Games Week 2021

Yay! International Games Week is back in person at L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library! We are happy to announce several events, most of which are being held at our temporary location at 2725 Mall Drive next to Savers on the south side of Eau Claire. So, let’s get into what we will have available!

First, our weeklong stuff. Starting on Monday, November 8th, we will have various options for customers to choose from for satiating their gaming appetites. There will be board games that you can grab from the Reference and Information desk throughout the entire week as well as a dedicated table to play games at. Another great addition to our collection will be three gamebooks that will let you read a story and make choices as you progress through the story with a variety of outcomes based on the choices you make. We will also have a display with various Print & Play games that you can take home and keep.

We have two events that do not require registration. On Wednesday, November 10th from 4-8pm, we are bringing back our ever-popular Putt Putt in the Reference area. We are also doing a Video Game Night again that will be held in our meeting room on Thursday, November 11th, with a variety of video game options. Again, neither of these events require any registration so you can show up at any time during the event time and participate.

Our two registration events are our Adult Game Night and Roleplay in the Library for teens only. You can register here. Adult Games Night will be held once again at the Brewing Projekt on Friday, November 12th from 6-8pm. We also have our teens only Roleplaying event that will be held in the meeting room from 4-6pm on Saturday, November 13th.

We look forward to bringing games to the community once again and will plan to see you throughout the week of November 7th.


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