It Might Be Your Lucky Day!

It has happened to us all. We hear about the release of a new book, movie or music CD, so we rush to our trusty MORE library catalog to get our name on the request list. The library has it! Great! But 256 people got there ahead of us. We do the math: 257 requests divided by 45 copies times a 2-week loan period…. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still thrilled to get free access to these materials, but it can be a bit deflating.

That’s where the Lucky Day Collection comes in. If you aren’t a frequent in-person visitor to the library, you might not be aware that we now offer a first-come, first-served collection of materials that are in high demand. Here’s a quick introduction to how it works. Lucky Day items have shorter than normal loan periods, and slightly higher late fees. DVDs may be checked out for 3 days, and carry a dollar a day fine. All other materials may be checked out for one week, and carry a $.50 fine per day. Materials cannot be reserved (not even by calling ahead), and they cannot be renewed. There is a limit of three Lucky Day items per library card, and all Lucky Day items must be returned to L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library or one of our off-site return boxes.


Why do we have the extra rules? To keep these popular items moving as quickly as possible through the hands of customers who want them. Lucky Day is where you get immediate access to items you are excited to use right away and able to return fast, so they can make someone else’s day lucky! Everything in the collection is also available in the regular collections, so those who prefer to stick with the “normal way” are never left out.

“What can I get today?” you ask. Well, it just depends on what’s here. We can’t guarantee availability next time you’re in, but your interest may be piqued by a snapshot of what’s in the collection: lucky-day-snapshot. Welcome to library life in the fast lane!


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