National Write Your Story Day

“A Journey is a person in itself; no two are alike.” – John Steinbeck

March 14th is commonly known for being Pi Day, but it is also National Write Your Story Day. It is a day to celebrate who you are and where you came from via the written word.

It does not matter if you type your story on a computer or grab a pen and paper and write it down. Find a quiet place, reflect on your personal life path, and write away!

Topic Ideas

Many of you may be thinking that you do not have a personal story worth writing down. Maybe you feel nothing exciting has ever happened to you. However, once you start writing, you may surprise yourself. You may find your mind gets flooded with stories and remembering details you had long forgotten.

But if you find yourself staring at that blank page, struggling to find inspiration, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Your first memory as a child
  • Hobbies or interests you enjoy
  • Who has influenced your life the most
  • Your first job
  • Family traditions
  • An achievement you are most proud of
  • Search #NationalWriteYourStory or #WriteYourStory to browse other individual’s stories

My Personal Topic Choice

Last spring, my grandmother passed away one day before the one-year anniversary of my grandfather’s unexpected passing. So, this year, I will be writing about my memories with my grandparents. Playing cards together, staying overnight at their house, and collecting stamps with my grandmother. These are just a few topic ideas that I’m sure will launch an array of memories to write about.

Sharing Your Story

Some of you may also be nervous about writing your story because you are afraid of what others will think. But here is a secret – just because you write it down, does not mean you have to share it with anyone. It can be your own personal diary.

If you do decide to share your personal story on social media, I encourage you can use #NationalWriteYourStory or #WriteYourStory to add your story to the virtual conversation.


National Write Your Story Day was founded in September 2017 by Mitzi Szereto. The author, blogger, and founder of Mitzy TV created the idea in an effort to inspire others to embrace their personal history while pursuing a path of self-development. On March 14, 2018, the Registrar at National Day Calendar officially proclaimed the day to be observed annually.

Celebrate Today and Continue Tomorrow

Whether you decide to share your story with others or not, I hope you take some time on March 14th to reflect on your personal journey and write at least a piece of it down. And if you enjoy it, do not wait until next year to write down more of your story. Keep your story alive year-round.


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