November is Native American Heritage Month!

At the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library, you’ll find book displays, book lists, resources that highlight Native American and Alaska Native authors, and materials about historical events in Native American history. You can educate yourself on tribal traditions and review digital resources that celebrate and educate the general public on Wisconsin’s 11 federally recognized tribal governments.

Growing up, most of my peers spent their summers going to camp, learning an instrument, taking a major vacation somewhere, or playing Nintendo in a retrofitted basement. My family would spend many weekends traveling around the state of Wisconsin to attend pow-wows. Maybe we were in search of being closer to our native ancestors. To hear the steady pulse of the drums and singing that spreads chills throughout your body on a hot summer day was engaging! We showed our respect to the dancers who were experiencing their own connection with the earth while in their traditional attire. The experience was always flawless and transcending.

In my adult life, I am actively learning and took curiosity in understanding more about tribes and their histories within Wisconsin. In my quest, I founds some resources I would like to share with you in honor of our Native American neighbors.

Wisconsin’s Tribes

A map of Wisconsin shows the 11 federally-recognized American Indian nations in Wisconsin.

There are 11 federally recognized tribes in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has provided the below hyperlinked list of tribal nations in Wisconsin. You’ll find each link sends you to each tribe’s official website. There’s rich information on each tribe’s history, culture, and provides information on their government structure.

Tribal History

The history of each Wisconsin tribe is fascinating! Did you know you have an opportunity to learn about tribal members’ challenges, triumphs, and traditions thanks to Wisconsin First Nations’ video list of tribal histories contributed by Wisconsin Public Television? If you did not know, that is quite alright, because I’ve got you covered. Check out Wisconsin First Nations’ Tribal Histories page for a listing of all the Wisconsin tribes’ videos. They run just under 30 minutes each and are full of vibrant information on our state’s native people. You’ll see a long list of videos that include histories on Bad River Ojibwe, Brothertown, Redd Cliff Ojibwe, St. Croix Ojibwe, and so much more!

Let’s get reading!

Tribal Nations of Wisconsin

Speaking of so much more, the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library holds many titles in the stacks written by Native American authors. The book list “Native American Voices in the Stacks” includes books owned by and available at our library.

Native American Voices in the Stacks

If you’re interested in reading more on Wisconsin tribes, check out titles listed in the “Tribal Nations of Wisconsin” book list.

These lists offer a taste of what is available within the MORE consortium and Wisconsin’s Digital Library. Please ask your friendly Librarian on the 2nd floor or call 715-839-5004 for more reading options.


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