Pins, Pins and More Pins

One of the things I have enjoyed over the years is collecting fashion pins. I started collecting when I was in college. I would pick pins up at garage sales, discount stores and when they were on sale elsewhere. I have enjoyed my collection for many years. I used to display them in material covered hoops but that got to be too unwieldy for me. I have now put them in boxes by type. I put holiday pins together by their holiday; truly Christmas and Easter are about the two most popular holidays for pins. I put animals domestic and wild in different boxes as well as people, occupations, abstract designs and those with sparkle.


None of my pins are expensive, I just enjoy them. I often wear pins to work or for an evening out etc. They dress up any outfit. I get lots of compliments on my pins as well.  Many times I will pick up ones that are missing stones
or embellishments. I have a large bag of broken jewelry that I use to replace missing materials on the pins. I also pick up odds and ends at craft shops.


I enjoy pins so much that I have started making my own. This is an enjoyable hobby that I can take up and put down whenever the mood strikes me. So, you never know you just might see me wearing an original creation from the “house of Ponzio.” If it doesn’t turn out the way I want the pin to, I just take it apart and use the pieces for other projects. Collecting costume jewelry is a win/win for me. I can enjoy the hunt looking for it, enjoy looking at my finds, wear them or use them to make something else.


The Library has lots of material if you are interested in costume jewelry or making your own jewelry. 

Here are a few titles to check out:

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  1. Diana Goemann
    Diana Goemann says:

    What a fun and pretty hobby! If only they could talk about their history before you gave them a home. They are part of your story — perhaps you have a “jewel” of a tale or two about acquring a favorite you’d like to share?


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