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Be a Sleuth

Mystery holds third place as one of the most popular genres of all time according to Ola Kowalczyk, Most Popular Book Genres Infographic, and second in sales according to Bookstr, Book Genres That Make The Most Money. I can believe that to be true what with the number of mystery and detective fiction that seems to pour […]

Winter Blues

I think the winter blues get all of us this time of year. I often hear “I am ready for spring” or “spring can’t get here fast enough.” I couldn’t agree more. The tail end of winter always seems too long. There are some distractions of course, the Winter Olympics I am sure has many […]

There’s Nothing Like a Classic

There’s nothing like a classic be it a book, a movie or a record. You think of elegance and style of the past, rugged adventurers, screwball comedies or detectives of film noir along with Frankenstein and Dracula for a change of pace. Who wouldn’t want to be on the arm of Cary Grant like Grace […]

The Trip of a Lifetime

I have recently returned from Morocco where I visited my niece and her family. I went with her Mother as I admit I was scared. I don’t like to fly and have never left North America. Morocco is situated in North West Africa on the coast between Algeria, Mauritania and Western Sahara. Morocco also borders […]

Be in the Know

There are several things I want to share with you about the library and library services that will assist you in getting the most out of your library experience. Number one is your library card. The number on the card opens up all the different services and information portals that you can use at the […]