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Pins, Pins and More Pins

One of the things I have enjoyed over the years is collecting fashion pins. I started collecting when I was in college. I would pick pins up at garage sales, discount stores and when they were on sale elsewhere. I have enjoyed my collection for many years. I used to display them in material covered […]

Control Key Shortcuts

When a customer has trouble printing on one of our computers, I will go over and use the CTRL+P command to get the computer to print for them. Often the customer is surprised as they did not know that command. In fact there are lots of control key shortcuts that can be used to do […]

Get Caught Reading

I was pursuing Chase’s Calendar of Events looking for inspiration and saw that May is Get Caught Reading Month, and thought “that’s it!, that’s what I am going to write about.”  There is a great site to learn more about Get Caught Reading along with a lot of information about other reading initiatives at www.getcaughtreading.org. It doesn’t […]

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

I have loved dogs all my life. I used to walk around my neighborhood just to see the dogs, not the people. The house at the far end of our block had a big ole St. Bernard and I’d crawl into his dog house to be with him.  I am an indiscriminate dog lover, size does […]

Happy New Year!

I know it is not quite here, but it is close. I am looking forward to 2016, as this year has not been the best I have ever had. For me 2016 is bright with promise, a new beginning with all sorts of possibilities. Nearly everyone considers New Year’s as a time to reflect on the […]

The Dog Days of Summer

I have often wondered where the phrase “The dog days of summer” came from, so I decided to look it up. Like most casual internet surfers, I took a look at Wikipedia. I thought their take on my quest was interesting, Wikipedia states: Paul Harris and Tom Jorgensen of The Old Farmer’s Almanac write “The phrase Dog Days […]

Who Knew?

The other day our Library Director sent an email to us about “what happens to your online accounts when you die?”  from a website called Webtrends .  I had never thought about this, but just like any other account these will need to be closed out when you are gone. Having a safe place for […]