Wi-Fi hotspot! Get your Wi-Fi hotspot here!

hotdogguyThe library is now offering Wi-Fi hotspots for two week checkouts (the process and time limits are the same as our iPad airs)!  You can use them anywhere that Sprint is available. In your home, car, school, the park or anywhere else you can think of.  The hotspots work just like wireless and more than one mobile device can use the hotspot.

This is your opportunity to see what you think about this new technology the Library is offering. We have nine hotspots that can be checked out.  Two other libraries in the MORE system offer hotspots as well, Menomonie and River Falls. Our hotspots need to be picked up and returned to the circulation desk at the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library in Eau Claire, they cannot be returned to another library or to drop boxes.

One of the great things about our hotspots is the ability to use your mobile technology outside the library or your house. With a two week check out period this will give you plenty of time to use the device. Going on a trip? Camping? Visiting relatives who might not have Wi-Fi? What about traveling for work? Going to an event without Wi-Fi? The hotspot will work anywhere Sprint cell service is available.

All you need to do is connect and you are ready to go. We have instructions included to help you get started. Included is a charger for the hotspot.  As with our iPads your personal information is not retained on the device.

Click HERE to reserve a Wi-Fi Hotspot and HERE to reserve an iPad Air.

So what are you waiting for? Wi-Fi hotspot! Get your Wi-Fi hotspot here!


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