Who Knew?

The other day our Library Director sent an email to us about “what happens to your online accounts when you die?”  from a website called Webtrends .  I had never thought about this, but just like any other account these will need to be closed out when you are gone.

Having a safe place for all your online accounts and passwords is a good idea, so those left to take care of your estate will know where you have online accounts and how to get into them.  For me a safety deposit box works well for all types of papers my family will need access to.

As the article states, most accounts stay open long after the user is gone.  Social networks are becoming much more aware of this growing problem. They have directions that can be used to close down a deceased family or loved ones account.

You can also live online as well; there are services for memorials, emails after you’re gone, plans for when you die, funeral planning  etc. that can be continued to be used online after you are gone. If this is of interest, go to  http://www.thedigitalbeyond.com/online-services-list/  where there are several sites you can try out to see which one works for you.

This is an important topic to discuss with your loved ones – I know I will be.


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