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I was pursuing Chase’s Calendar of Events looking for inspiration and saw that May is Get Caught Reading Month, and thought “that’s it!, that’s what I am going to write about.”  There is a great site to learn more about Get Caught Reading along with a lot of information about other reading initiatives at Wake

The Cold DishIt doesn’t matter what you read,, just as long as you are reading.  It’s fun, informative and will keep your mind active and questing. I myself like to read all sorts of books, fiction and nonfiction, westerns, science fiction, thrillers, suspense and yes, romance too. I really enjoy history books as well.

Some of my favorite books are the Craig Johnson Longmire series; start with The Cold Dish which is the first book of the series, as each one starts where the other leaves off. Another book I liked was Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania, not a quick read, but interesting with all the people that populate the book. I like knowing what happened to them all,  so it does have a satisfying ending.

I really like books by the author Jayne Ann Krentz as well, she writes paranormal romance as Jayne Castle, especially her Harmony series about After Glow
El Pasoearth colonists who travel to another planet through a worm hole that closed and trapped them there.  Try After Glow and see what you think.

When I was young my Uncle and I used to read Westerns.  We swapped titles, so that both of us always had something to read. I got to like Matt Braun’s books. Some of his Westerns are about real people like, El Paso, the story of real life Sheriff Dallas Stoudenmire.

So, get caught reading, not just this month, but every month.


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