November: Make Your Own Category

This month we invite you to create your own category! You may be inspired by some of the suggested categories below, but please share your chosen category when you report your monthly activity via Beanstack, email, or phone call. Your idea may appear in future Reading Challenges.

• A Book Set on a Train
• A Book about the Environment
• A Book That Makes You Laugh
• A Biography about an Artist
• A Memoir about a Person You Admire
• A Non-fiction Book about Animals
• A Book about Reaching Across the Aisle
• A Book of Poetry from the 15th Century
• A Book Written by Someone Born in the 21st Century
• A Cookbook Featuring a Different Cooking Style
• A Book about a New Hobby
• A Book about a Different Religion
• A Historical Novel about Witchcraft
• A Book about Mythology
• Folk Tales from a Foreign Land