It’s Fall Hat Month

I have often wished that hats would come back into vogue. I love hats. Over the years I have owned many, from ball caps to fedoras.  A hat worn at a rakish angle just looks great. I am reminded of the movies set in the 20s and 30s. Everyone looked more elegant and sophisticated in their hats. 

I think I am nostalgic for the good old days, not that the good old days were that good, but the movies sure make it look that way. 

Looking at this hat website I learned what the fall hat holiday was for:                                                       

“The hot summer is over and the wearing of all those straw garden hats are over, so during Fall Hat Month (September), men and women are encouraged to put aside their straw hats and begin wearing felt or fabric hats that are seasonal for the fall. Hat-related activities are also encouraged too.”

Intrepid explorer and information seeker that I am, I forged on to see what type of activities fall hat month would inspire.   In addition I found on their website the following information.

“How can I Celebrate this holiday?

  • Buy yourself a new fall hat! – Department store will pack in the fall and winter hats that are just perfect for the season so have some fun shopping for a few.
  • Blog with us about it! –  We have a blog called “Everyday is a Holiday” so visit our pages and tell us about your favorite cleaning day or your favorite cleaner recipe.
  • Send Free E-Greeting! –  If your ready to get together with your friends don’t forget to invite them with these fun Internet Invitations.”

I thought about their ideas. I could get a new hat Blog about the holiday  

What other ideas might be out there? So I pressed on, looking for other sites and other ideas to celebrate Fall Hat Month, after much searching and reading I found This site has fun activities for kids to do.  Count all the hats in the house or make hats from newspaper or tissue paper or Read books featuring hats. I immediately thought of “The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins” by Dr. Seuss.

I liked the idea of making my own hat, so I looked to see what we might have here at the library. If you are crafty we have several books on crocheting your own chapeau. Using our online catalog type in the subject hats and several will come up. Alas, I don’t crochet or knit so it looks like I will just have to go out and buy my fall hat. 


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