Winter Blues

I think the winter blues get all of us this time of year. I often hear “I am ready for spring” or “spring can’t get here fast enough.” I couldn’t agree more. The tail end of winter always seems too long.

There are some distractions of course, the Winter Olympics I am sure has many inside and enjoying the outdoors vicariously.

This is a good time to start a new hobby, catch up on the reading list you have tucked away on various pieces of paper or maybe you have a list of movie you always wanted to watch.

To me this is the perfect time to do any of the ides above and the library is the perfect place to find books, movies or information on new hobbies to try out.

There are great books to consider reading or rereading. I like to reread certain authors books that I have read years ago. I find I enjoy the experience just as much the second time.

If you can’t find your list, no worries. We can help. Here are a few of my favorites to consider:
Heidi, Sleepy Hollow, Despicable Me (every time I see this one I think “I need me some minions”), To Kill a Mockingbird, Highlander, The Right Stuff. We also have series on DVD. NCIS is great; I saw most of the episodes on TV but still enjoy watching them again.

Authors worth rereading: John Case, James Rollins, Louis L ’Amour, John Jakes, Jennifer Cruise, Dan Brown, Roberta Gellis, Nora Roberts, Deborah Smith or Jayne Ann Krentz.

Lots of hobbies to consider too:
Woodcarving: Techniques & Projects for the First-Time Carver, Weaving Made Easy: 17 Projects Using a Simple Loom, Painting Rocks, Creating Lifelike Figures in Polymer Clay and many others to consider.

We have our handy book link brochures on lots of subjects with book suggestions and ideas where to find more on that topic or genre. We have for example Dystopian Fiction, Classic Literature, LGBTQ, and Urban Fantasy. Go to Readers Corner on our website for many more ideas.
Don’t just wait for winter to be over, try new books, movies or hobbies now to make spring come faster or maybe just make it feel that way.


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