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Plan to be a Good Old Man. Or Woman.

OK, I admit it. I am somewhat plagiarizing this blog, as an article appeared in the Eau Claire Leader Telegram recently that really hit home. Not being afraid to date myself, but this summer I do turn 65, and this really got me thinking. Here are a few of the bullet points I took from the article:

Take on technology. Do not be afraid to use a computer or tablet, and get a smart phone. Use Facebook to connect with kids, grandkids, and maybe even long lost friends. Ask a grandchild to help and guide you, as they will be your best resource. Set up an email account. The library does offer one-on-one Tech Tuesday sessions, so sign up at Information & Reference if interested. Of course keep in mind we will have all sorts of books and other library resources on these subjects.

Remember to smile.

Keep an open mind. In today’s polarized political climate, try to remember there are two sides to every issue. The young millennials today (our future after all) may have different opinions on how the world works, so do your best to look at how things change, and how you can adapt. Know that you are not always right about everything.

Remember that your family loves you, and that when they feel you need to stop driving, or make you wear a medical alert button, assume they know best. Do not think they are punishing you for some reason. When my father told me that when he got in the car he had to take a moment to remember which pedal was the brake and which was the accelerator, my family knew then it was time to sell that car.

Do not eat like you are 25 any longer. You will live longer and feel better.

Do your best to overcome the everyday aches and pains, and keep moving. Whenever you can, overcome the pain. It does not really matter how you move, be it yoga, biking, golf, swimming, dancing, or just walking. Sore joints and muscles make you want to stay home, which means saying no to opportunities and adventures.

Get a hobby. Play cards. Learn a musical instrument. Join a book club. All are good for the brain, and for meeting people.

Last, do not hide, or hide behind your age. Be grateful for all the days and years you have been blessed to have. Beats the alternative, right?


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