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Basement Blues No More

Living in an older home the last 28 years, our basement has always been a bit of a pit. No uniform paint on the brick walls or cement floor. Unfinished yes, but also dirty, dingy, and poorly lit. Especially our ‘laundry room’, which was the worst, and yet where we spend most of our time […]

Our Adoption Story

With November being National Adoption Month, I thought I might share my family personal adoption story. While my wife and I may be soulmates, have been together 38 years this month, and hope and pray we are together forever, our body chemistries were just not compatible.  Sadly, after years of trying, and many embarrassing tests, […]

Untouched by COVID-19

I really do feel a bit guilty. The past several months have been such a terror for so much of the world, and our country. Now India is again in a terrible situation. With 163 plus million cases worldwide, and 3.38 plus millions of deaths, hundreds of millions out of work, millions of businesses closed, […]


For almost a decade my wife and I have watched my nieces and nephews have several children, letting my in-laws have these great grandparent experiences. You watch these babies grow up, play with them on occasion, and get all sorts of pictures and videos. But we are not really involved in their lives, living many […]


All I am going to say about the upcoming election is to please vote. Do yourself a favor if you do wish to vote, and make your plan. If you choose to vote on election day at your local polling place, I suggest you double check the location. In Eau Claire, my ward voting location […]