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​If you plan to fly within the U.S., visit​ a military base or other federal buildings, the Department of Homeland Security will require identification that is REAL ID compliant (or show another acceptable form of identification, such as a passport) beginning October 1, 2020. Wisconsin DMV issues REAL ID compliant products (marked with a ✪) in […]

What to Read Next?

Have you ever been stuck, not knowing what you feel like reading next?  Tired of the same genres and authors?  Looking for something new? Since all staff members in this library are here to serve, then yes, we can help! First, ask at the reference desk upstairs for a Diversity Challenge reading journal.  Each month […]


Each year the garden at our home seems to get bigger and bigger.  It feels like it is more work each year for my wife and me (but mostly her); more mulch, more weeds, more trimming.  But more stuff!  Beauty!  Smells! We started our garden maybe 20 years ago, with some help of a friend.  […]


CH-CH-Changes! Nope, not the David Bowie song. Or the Charles Bradley song. I am talking about the big changes at our beloved library. First, there have been several comments from our faithful customers thinking that by adding more self-checkout stations, and making these changes, staff have been or will be replaced. Rest assured this is not the […]

Who is Jethro Tull?

Ever wondered where rock groups got their names? Ever heard of Jethro Tull? Uriah Heep? The band known as Spice was later changed to Uriah Heep in reference to the well-known character from David Copperfield. According to biographer Kirk Blows, “Dickens’ name being everywhere around Christmas ’69 due to it being the hundredth anniversary of […]

4th of July-America’s Freedom

As host families for UWEC, my wife and I got to know two young women who had different stories to tell about freedom in their countries. Agnese was from Latvia, which today is a very progressive European country. However, they were not granted their independence from Russia until 1990! Latvians were under Russian rule before […]

Mother’s Day, May 13, 2018

The modern holiday of Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother at St Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia. In 1908, the U.S. Congress rejected a proposal to make Mother’s Day an official holiday, joking that they would also have to proclaim a “Mother-in-law’s Day.” However, because of the […]