Summer Reading: Good for Your Health

Did you know that there are proven physical, mental, and emotional health benefits to having a reading routine as an adult? Reading regularly as an adult can reduce stress, improve sleep, prevent cognitive decline (such as memory loss), alleviate depressive symptoms, increase empathy, lower blood pressure, build immunity to mind control*, attract good luck*, and grant the ability to fly*.

*These benefits are not backed by science. Yet.

(Read more about the proven benefits in this Healthline article.)

Despite all of these benefits of reading, Americans have been reading fewer books in recent years. The linked poll doesn’t address causes of reading decline in adults, but it’s not hard to guess at some likely causes. There are just so many things vying for our attention and what feels like so much less time to read than when we were children.

If you’d like some help sprucing up your reading habits, I encourage you to sign up for the Adult Summer Library Program. We’ve set a realistic goal of reading 25 hours between June 1 and August 15 (an average of 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week). There are also a variety of activities designed to promote a healthy, well-rounded, community-minded lifestyle. For a bit of summer library nostalgia, we’ve even included some fun prize incentives!

Check out these awesome themed prize baskets you could win!

Sign up for the Adult Summer Library Program on Beanstack or record your progress on the paper log, which may either be printed or picked up at the library.

Questions? Visit our website or contact Reference and Information at or 715-839-5004.

Complete fun activities to claim cool prizes, just like when you were a kid!


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