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Is Your Resource Really Reliable?

The concept of “fake news” isn’t new. In fact, people have been casting doubt on the credibility of sources since the advent of free press. (Check out this Smithsonian Magazine article for some eerily familiar examples of fake news in the time of the Founding Fathers.) But internet accessibility, social media platforms, and globalization have […]

Let’s Start a Band

“Music is the universal language of mankind.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Have you ever wanted to be in a band? The first step is probably to learn to play an instrument. Instruments can be expensive, though, and you might change your mind after trying one out. If you want to try your hand at creating […]

(Re)Introducing Playaways

The Eau Claire library now has adult, teen, and children’s audiobooks in Playaway format. A Playaway is a portable pre-downloaded audiobook. Each little palm-sized device holds one book. They run on AAA batteries and feature a universal audio jack compatible with headphones and auxiliary cords. Playaways are not new or cutting edge technology. They were […]

Cataloging Identity

People don’t fall into neat little categories, but as we try to communicate to each other who we are, we tend to identify ourselves with labels. Nerd, jock, rebel. Mom, uncle, brother. Accountant, mechanic, librarian. But labels never stay so simple. We start adding qualifiers: computer nerd, fun uncle, children’s librarian. We don’t stick with […]

Hindsight is 2020

Lessons from an Eye-Opening Year As I write, there are only hours left in 2020, hands down the most surreal year of many of our lives. Far from being a time of clear sight, the last year was chaotic, confused, and uncertain. Looking back from the last day of the year, I’m still struggling to […]

Book Festivals, 2020 Style

Two years ago, my sister invited me to go to the Twin Cities Book Festival with her. I’d never been to a book festival before, but I love books and festivals can be fun, so I decided to go. The TCBF takes place in mid-October on the Minnesota State Fair grounds. In the Eco building, […]

Time Warp

Time is weird. Let’s just acknowledge that. We experience the passing of time in odd and inconsistent ways and it shows in the way we describe it. Time flies, it crawls, it slips by, it stands still. Some months always seem to drag on (February, I’m looking at you) while others are gone in the […]