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Ukulele for Beginners

Music brings people together. Playing musical instruments, on the other hand, offers an opportunity to engage the mind and express the soul. Bringing ukuleles to the community for the first monthly session of Ukulele classes offered in the Dabble Box extended this opportunity to adults and children in one room at the same time.

Brought together by curiosity and inspiration, folks of all ages joined forces to learn how to play the small versatile instrument. Grandparents, grandchildren, mothers, fathers, children, and enthusiasts held the small 4 string instrument, learning the basics of ukulele playing as a group.

Nicole Cook teaching our first Ukulele for Beginners Students

Strumming a ukulele with open positioning resonates a happy tone. Who wouldn’t want to pick up a small guitar shaped instrument and “tiptoe through the tulips” with a giddy in their step? Well, as silly as that sounds, I would like to offer you an opportunity to participate in our new class offering: Ukulele for Beginners. We hope to hear you soon!


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